About Me

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Hi There!

My name is Mel and I’ve started this blog to share with you my ramblings on nutrition, fitness and all sorts of health related tidbits, as well as what comes out of my kitchen. Sometimes it’s magnificent and sometimes it’s a slap bang nosh, which in my opinion can be just as delightful!

Whats my credentials?

I’m a Master Trainer accredited personal trainer concentrating on weight loss and general wellbeing goals. I’m also a Mat Pilates Instructor. Check out my Pilates page to learn about what Percy and I are getting up to, teaching Pilates to mums and bubs every week!

I’m also currently studying to become a Nutritionist, which i have found both challenging and rewarding. After four long years of part time study I have almost come to the end of study, so watch this space!

My Personal Food Philosophy?

It’s Simple!.. Simple food. Whole food. I don’t comply with any one way of eating. Putting a label on it means complying with only one way of thinking. Everyday I am learning more and more about food and so my thoughts develop and expand.

I have been known to dig into the deep world of Google for research on many different “diets”, how they work and why they are the way to go, but i always find myself coming back to my own mantra.

I do believe in food as fuel and food as medicine. I believe that any ailment or disease treatment can benefit from a nutritionally dense and targeted food plan to aid recovery. In some cases what we eat can remove symptoms all together and strengthen us.

My Exercise Philosophy?

I believe in moving daily and incidental exercise with some more targeted exercise thrown in the mix. I love Pilates, specifically Barre and Mat Pilates, Yoga and the occasional cardio/ weights session at the gym, although I much prefer to use the great outdoors whenever I can. You will often see Percy and I walking about the neighbourhood looking at the trees and admiring the pretty houses.

I don’t believe you have to slog it in the gym every day for hours to maintain wellness. If what your looking to achieve is a six pack and the ability to dead lift more than your body weight then absolutely go for it. But to achieve wellness all it takes is consistency mixed with a healthy attitude to food.